How to remember something by Hedwig Von Restorff

So try to remember her name for starters!

Put simply, the Von Restorff effect states that we more easily remember things that are unusual, outstanding or out of the ordinary.

If you want to commit information to memory you need to take heed of Hedwig!

There are various ways of making things outstanding. These include:

Heightened Senses
Imagining things brighter, louder, smellier, delicious or disgusting makes them extraordinary.

Play with changes of scale or proportion, making things huge or minute. How can you Accentuate differences?

Humour relies on the juxtaposition of unexpected elements. Surreal or silly situations are memorable such as Monty Python’s or Spike Milligan’s sketches.

We are attracted and engaged by movement. Think of the difference between watching a movie compared with a photo album. How can objects interact with their environment in unexpected ways?

Sexy individuals attract our attention and stand out in our memories. Advertisers often exploit this – Sex sells!