Brilliant Minds 10 Question Problem Solver


Summary: A very short set of questions that can be asked by a coach or friend to help shine a different perspective on a problem. A link to a video of Dianne Lowther asking the questions and a mind map link which may also help when working on your own. 

Most people who try this brief 10 question experience are very surprised and very pleased at just how effective it is.

There’s nothing to lose… this is a free resource and also available by clicking here  So I really encourage you to give it a try. Pick a problem you’d like to solve and let’s get started!

What I would like you to do is to ask yourself each question and then to think about your answer. Take as long as you need.

Please make sure that you have an answer to your current question before you move on to  the next question.

1 What’s the problem?

2 How long have you had it?

3 Why do you have this problem?

4 Who is to blame?

5 Why haven’t you solved it yet?

6 What do you want?

7 How will you know when you have it?

8 What resources do you already have that you could use to achieve your outcome?

9 When have you succeeded in something similar?

10 What is the next step?

I have also produced a mind map of the questions which you may prefer to work with by yourself, simply click to be taken to the file.