Chunking or the Hierarchy of ideas

Taken from Andy Smith Podcasts Practical NLP Podcasts

Because we can only process 3 or 4 chunks of information at any one time we have to make preferences for the level of information that we choose to hold at any one time. Personal levels of chunking.

Metaprogram: Specific (Concrete) or General (Abstract)

Chunking up questions to get to the big picture or what’s really important may include: What is that/this an example of? In general there is more agreement at the higher level of abstract because it is easier for people to remember the broad principals that they are in agreement with. What is this an example of? What is this part of? For what purpose?Why is that important to you? Chunks up to the intention or values involved. When you hear an abstract comment or phrase you have to go inside to make sense of it. Almost a trance state. Mentioning “Learnings and Resources” was a great way for ME to allow the client to select the best that they had.

Questions to investigate more detail about a subject may include: Give me an example of that or types of this. What are examples of this? What part of the ………. When discovering what an abstract thought means to somebody like say “Better Productivity” it could be useful to ask What does this mean to you? What will this mean in practise?

The lower and more detailed you get the greater the chance of disagreement and scope for contradiction.

Higher levels are more powerful because they include and involve all the lower levels as well! More leverage and more choice and more flexibility are key to eanring more money.