Copy Writing with NLP


  1. The outcome of copy is to make sure that your reader does not say no.
  2. Milton Model and Presuppositions rule.
  3. Pace Pace Pace Pace Lead

Salient notes from Harlan Kilstein and his 30 day NLP Copywriting Youtube videos.

1 VAK descriptions do not work with written copy. 98% of your audience is reading to themselves so Auditory is the prime modality.

2 Visual Anchors do work so find some source of External Stimulus or Trigger ie a brilliant Image and this will invoke an involuntary Prior or Previous STATE that you want them to go into.  Give the reader what they want and use it strategically. What buying state do we want them in? What would be great universal anchors? Such as:

  • Happy families sitting around a table enjoying a meal.
  • Kids devouring a fun healthy meal.
  • Smiling faces enjoying food and a good laugh.
  • Rewarded Mums feeling proud of their decision to buy from DTTE

3 For video and audio have your own Jingle as an anchor at both the beginning and the end. What would be great universal anchors? Crowds of sports fans roaring in the background after a goal.

4 GIGO with reference to the META Model. A short version written on two hands.

  • All                                           All?
  • Should                                    What would happen if you didn’t …
  • Unspecified Verb                    How specifically?
  • Unspecified Noun                   Who or what specifically?

5 If you spot a pattern and it’s appropriate to interrupt it then:

  • Altering yours or another’s breathing pattern is a great pattern interrupt. 4-2-6-0
  • Nobody has sung “we’ll be going round the Mountain to me today”
  • Change the environment or MOVE

6 MILTON MODEL is good.

7 Presuppositions – all 32 patterns are good. Time – Before, during and after.

8 Stories are good – short stories for copy. Metaphor is brilliant.

9 Hypnosis/Language is broadly in two types:

  • Direct – not the best for hypnosis but is good for DCR (Direct Customer Response) in copy.
  • Permissive – good for hypnosis and essential for achieving RAPPORT in copy.

10 In Bedded Commands are gross in the written word but can be used elegantly in Video and Audio.

11 Pattern Interrupts

  • Written – ish but if they are attached to something shocking then if at that moment you give them something that they are not expecting it will go in at a deep level – would have like an example of this.
  • Video – good
  • Audio – good

12 Found lost horse story from Milton Erikson – on back – found its own way home.

13 Nasty boss story – anchored a missing sub-modality by singing a tune and wagging his finger.

14 You get into rapport with a complete stranger by meeting them at their bus stop and thereby getting into their heads.

15 Eyeball volleyball. When asked a question, look up, look from side to side and then look down for inspiration and guidance. Remember the three legged VAK stool.